The first week of November we have participate in a meeting with the entire group of schools all around Europe. From day 3rd to 8th we have been working and enyoying in our project about art and crisis in Athens.

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The Spanish team have done a film with the artists Mario Torrecillas (PDA productions) and Emilio Martí (Desanimado) called “Some day”, “Algún día”, focused in the cuts in education while public money is been spending in aerports with any plain.


During this week we share the experience of work together in the Greek school with the students  from Austria, Greece, Germany, Italy, Turkey and Romania.

Together we did some workshops like creating art with recycled materials. And we also visited wonderful places like  Lavrio and Sounion, Plaka and the ancient Agora, Mycenae, Epidavros, Nafplio and the Acropolis.

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During the week the workshops were combined with the excursions to Epidavros theatre or Nafplio.

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